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Theresa  Joy, Jerrilyn & Jerry

Life has a way of connecting people in peculiar ways. Meeting Mrs. Burke or as my family call her “grandma”, was coincidental and an unexpected MIRACLE.  To live with a family member with disability can be a real challenge but with people like “grandma”, the challenge can be beat by the amount of support you receive. Over the past six years, Mrs. Burke has been a tremendous support for my family.  She is always willing to assist in providing care for our child and sharing information about available resources that we can use.  Our family have benefited immensely from her tenacity to break barriers and stereotype of the disabled.  I’m so glad she found us.  Life is so much better with all the support we get from her while raising our daughter who has cerebral palsy. Thank you, “Grandma

” for everything.  We love you.

Senior Associate Director

Jennifer Booker

Del Co Residential/Day Program

I am overjoyed when I went on your website and saw all the wonderful things you and your non-profit organization are doing for our individuals with disabilities. I just want to say THANK YOU!! I can’t imagine how many countless parents/families you have helped over the years. Truly wonderful to see. I also shared your website with my director, Sue Giachetti, because she had no idea of the work you have done for our ID/A population. She also asked me to share a link to advocate for more funds to further help the individuals we support. Action Center ( Senators need to hear from parents and families in addition to staff and agencies of why funding is so imperative when supporting our ID/A population. 


Thank you!


Carol, Nikeya

I have known Dell Edwards Burke and her son Shane, my daughter Nikeya McCoy since our children attended Easter Seals pre per-kindergarten thru teenager years. We had lost contact until Mrs. Burke saw my daughter Nikeya in the local market, after that we reconnected. Dell stated to me her passion to help families and children with mental challenges (ID) to grow productively. C.A.P.S - Concerned Advocate Parent Services, Inc. help me realizes there is more than just a handout (as I only knew about). C.A.P.S. help me with ISP when my daughter Nikeya attended SpArk’s program as an Advocate, I was so confused, but C.A.P.S. enriched my life with learning the dynamics of a ISP, other benefits in the community, libraries, swimming, recreational parks activities (Carousel House), family gatherings and Bingo just to name a few. I am so grateful to the C.A.P.S. program and contributions, I don’t know where I would be without it. Thank you Mrs. Dell Edwards Burke for your consistency in providing me with resources I never knew and continuing to learn. I thank Concerned Advocate Parent Services, C.A.P.S



Mrs. Burke, she has always been there for me and my family. Whenever I needed her she never hesitated to say “Yes, just let me know what I can do”.  She is definitely family and always there.  She takes wonderful care of my two year old, (trust me my daughter doesn’t just go to anyone). She is more like family than a friend of the family.  I am truly grateful for our friendship.  You can definitely count on Mrs. Burke!​

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