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About Us

About Us


In 1985, Mr & Mrs.Burke had a baby boy, Shane Burke. Shortly after their son (Shane Burke) was diagnosed with Lissencephaly, which is a rare brain disease and seizure disorder. Without  adequate information or resources to meet their sons needs, raising their son became challenging. This inspired them to create an organization for parents who has a child or an adult with a disability. As a result C.A.P.S. Inc was founded in 2013 and continues to offer advocacy, consultation and more for families who has a loved one with a disability. We are a team of Parent Advocates who support parents within the community. Our goal is to empower the parents and to let them know they are not alone!

"Putting a CAPon Life Struggles."

Our Mission

C.A.P.S. INC. supports and equips parents with adequate resources to care for their family members with intellectual, physical disability, and Mental Illness. We believe it is important to educate and make awareness to the community about people with disabilities.

Our Mission

Our vision

Concerned Advocate Parents Services will advocate for the rights of individuals with an intellectual disability, physical and mental illness. To improve the quality of life and their families by providing resources, support groups in an integrated community. Our goal is to help individuals live a productive and independent life.

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